Peter the Great

Week 4: Peter the Great


Read K – 8:   Peter the Great by Diane Stanley


  • What was a tsar? (ruler of Russia)
  • What was Russia like before Peter became the tsar? (had been the same for hundreds of years – nothing new or modern)
  • In what ways was Peter an unusual Tsar?(never wanted the best position or to be noticed all the time – felt that he should start at the bottom and earn his way up to be the best)
  • Name some things Peter learned to do that most Tsars didn’t learn to do? (became a carpenter, repaired watches, learned about the human body, learned about construction of bridges)
  • Name some good and bad changes Peter made to Russia? (forced people to shave their beards, wear shorter clothes, and live where they did not want to live; encouraged women to eat with husbands and not to be married forcibly, taxed people heavily, forced boys to serve in the army)
  • How did Peter die? (of an illness)
  • Why do you think Peter was called “The Great”?  (Answers will vary, including he modernized Russia and made Russia more powerful.)


All Grades:  Using this site:

And this map:

Create your own map of Peter the Great’s Empire.  Add St. Petersburg to your map.

K – 4:  Learn how to draw St Basil’s Cathedral, one of the most famous buildings in Russia.  It was built before Peter the Great became tsar.  Use this site for help:,-moscow-kremlin,-saint-basil-cathedral.htm

Here is a photo of the actual cathedral:

5 – 6:   Read these worksheets about Peter the Great and answer the questions following the worksheets:

7 – 8:  Read these worksheets about Peter the Great:  and create a bio Poem about Peter using the template the site gives you for help.


Copyright September 30th, 2016 by Gwen Fredette



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