King Louis XIV

Week 5: King Louis XIV of France


Read K – 5:   The King’s Day – Louis XIV of France by Aliki

6 – 8:   Cecile – Gates of Gold by Mary Casanova (Please read afterword also)

Note:   The heir of the king was called “The Dauphin”.  The king named all of his sons Louis, after himself, but gave everyone different middle names.


  • Why do you think King Louis XIV was nicknamed the ”sun king”? (Sun was his symbol, everything in life revolved around him, palace full of splendor.)
  • What country was Louis XIV the king of? (France)
  • Describe life for the king at the palace in Versailles? (extremely wealthy, 1000’s of servants, fancy clothes, fabulous foods)
  • How do you think the king obtained the money to buy the many extravagances in his palace? (high taxes)
  • What do you imagine life was like for the poor peasants outside of the palace? (extremely poor, not enough to eat, angry at injustice of having to work so hard for the royalty of France)
  • What was the heir of the king called? (the Dauphin)
  • What did the king name all of his sons? (Louis)
  • There were 3 classes of people living at this time: the rich, the middle, and the poor.  Talk about which people were found in which class and about what percentage of the population they made up.
  1. Rich:  King, his family, and nobles — few in number – extremely wealthy
  2. Middle Class: Merchants, tradesman, servants — moderate number – fine clothes and enough to eat
  3. Poor:  Peasants – most people were in this class – often hungry; very little material possessions

Questions for grades 6 & up:

  • Why was the king succeeded by his great –grandson? (all other heirs died)
  • How did doctors often try to “cure” people who were sick? (by bleeding them)
  • T/F People were allowed to come watch the royal family get up, go to bed, and do other things. (T)


K – 3: King Louis XIV lived in France.  Color in the country of France blue on this map:  Peter the Great, who we studied last week was tsar of Russia.  Color Russia red on the same map.  Then take a piece of paper and fold it into thirds.  In the top third draw a picture of King Louis and his family.  In the middle section draw a picture of the King’s servants.  In the bottom section draw a picture of peasants.

4 – 5: Write an essay discussing the advantages and disadvantages of living in each social class during the time of King Louis XIV.

6 – 8: Choose one of the following essay topics:

  1. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of living in each social class during the time of King Louis XIV.
  2. If you were Cecile and you had the choice, would you have stayed with your father or gone to work at the palace? Why or why not?  Write a 5 paragraph 3 proof essay.
  3. Compare and contrast Peter the Great with King Louis XIV.

Copyright October 7th, 2016 by Gwen Fredette


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