Week 6: Mozart


Read K – 5:   Mozart:  the Wonder Child: A Puppet Play in Three Acts by Diane Stanley

6 – 8:   Who Was Wolfgang Amadaeus Mozart? By Yona Zeldis McDonough

Note:   Wolfgang Amadaeus Mozart was so talented and so exceptional at such a young age that he became very conceited.  People were often awestruck by his music but put off by his personality.


  • When did Mozart begin to show talent as a musician? (as a young boy)
  • T/F Mozart came from a musical family. (T)
  • How was Mozart treated by his Archbishop employer? (like a servant)
  • T/F Mozart was rich. (F)
  • Did Mozart want to be known as an entertainer or composer? (composer)
  • Did Mozart handle money well? (no, lavish spending)
  • Name some of Mozart’s most famous pieces? (Marriage of Figaro, Don Giovanni, Cosi fan tutte – The Magic Flute)
  • Was Mozart’s music  popular in his lifetime? (yes, the people loved it)
  • T/F Mozart lived a long life. (F – died at age 35 or 36)
  • T/F Mozart composed only a few beautiful pieces. (F – He composed over 600)
  • T/F Mozart was known to be a very humble man.  (F – He was considered to be very conceited.)

Questions for Grades 6 – 8: 

  • How old was Mozart when he began playing the clavier? (3)
  • T/F Mozart began writing music before he could write words. (T)
  • T/F As children, Mozart and his sister often performed for rich, powerful people. (T)
  • What disease did Mozart possibly suffer from? (kidney disease)
  • How old was Mozart when he composed his first symphony? (9)
  • When Mozart heard the Miserere he was captivated by the music.  When he went home what did he do? (He wrote the entire musical piece down on paper.)
  • What kinds of music did Mozart write? (symphonies, quartets, operas, concert songs, & church music)
  • Mozart’s father was often worried and angry about what? (having enough money)
  • What happened to Mozart’s mother while they were in Paris? (she died)
  • How did his father take the news? (He blamed Mozart.)
  • Why did musicians need a patron? (to have a steady salary)
  • Describe Mozart’s relationship with his father? (often fought, father was often angry with him, disagreed on what Mozart should do, disagreed with Mozart’s marriage)
  • T/F Mozart eventually became the chamber composer for an emperor. (T)
  • What was the last piece of music Mozart wrote? (a requiem)
  • What is a requiem? (music written to honor a person who has died.)
  • Mozart felt that he was writing the requiem for who? (himself)


K – 3:  Watch this animated story summary of the Magic Flute opera: .  Then, draw your own picture of a scene from this story as you listen to the music:

4 – 5:  Listen to the Marriage of Figaro:  And Don Giovanni overture: as you write an essay describing Mozart’s strengths and weaknesses.

6 – 8:  Listen to the Marriage of Figaro:  And Don Giovanni overture: as you write an essay on one of the following essay topics:

  1. In what ways was Mozart a genius? Write a 5 paragraph, 3 point essay.
  2. Describe the role Mozart’s father played in his life. Do you believe his father contributed to his son’s genius, inhibited it, or both?  Support your reasoning with examples from your book.
  3. Write an essay describing Mozart’s strengths and weaknesses. Support your points with examples from the book.

Copyright October 14th, 2016 by Gwen Fredette

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