Advances in Flight

Week 8: Advances in Flight 


Read K – 4:  View/Read the following:

5 – 8:   View/Read the following:


  • Who were the first people to create the Hot-Air Balloon? (Joseph and Etienne Montgolfier: the Montgolfier brothers)
  • What business did they own? (Paper Mill, Paper Manufacturing)
  • What were their first passengers in their hot-air balloon? (duck, rooster, & sheep)
  • Why does smoke fly? (Hot air rises)
  • What country were the brothers from and in what country did they fly their balloons? (France)
  • How do you think hot air balloons are steered? (by the wind)
  • What famous King & Queen did the brothers demonstrate their balloon for? (King Louis XVI & Marie Antoinette)

Questions for Grades 5- 8:

  • What was it that caused the brothers to believe that smoke could create flight? (Joseph noticed that laundry hanging near the fireplace began to float up)
  • Who was the first person to launch a hydrogen filled balloon? (Jacque Charles)
  • At first the King only wanted to allow a prisoner to be the first to ride in a hot-air balloon.  Who changed his mind?  Why? (Jean-François Pilâtre de Rozier; he didn’t want a prisoner to get the glory of being the first man to fly)
  • How were men eventually able to change direction while floating in a hot air balloon? (different air currents at different altitudes)
  • What are balloons used for today? (study weather patterns & atmosphere, fun & recreation)
  • Who became the first man to make a parachute jump from a tower? (Joseph Montgolfier)


 K – 1:  Handwriting page:

 2 – 3:  Cursive page:

 4 – 5: Use the timeline on page 2 from this “Mysterious Flights” worksheet: to answer the following questions on the attached worksheet: mysterious-flights-timeline-worksheet

 6 – 8: Use the information you read online to complete the following worksheet: .  You may also need to “google” some of the information from the “events” section of your worksheet.   Then, write a few paragraphs comparing  and contrasting the Montgolfiers and their balloons with Jacque Charles and his balloons.  Consider the following: how the men were employed, size of balloons, safety, length of flight, altitude.  You may need to rewatch part of the Youtube video (see above) to complete this assignment.

Answer key (Note: 2 pages):


Copyright October 28th, 2016 by Gwen Fredette



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