Week 9: Napoleon


View K – 3:

4 – 5:  Do ALL of the following: 

6 – 8:   Read Napoleon:  The Story of the Little Corporal by Robert Burleigh  


  • What island was Napoleon from? (Corsica)
  • T/F As a young boy Napoleon was well-liked by his classmates. (F)
  • What type of school did Napoleon go to? (military school)
  • T/F Napoleon became a brilliant army commander by his mid-twenties.  (T)
  • When he became French consul, did the French people like him? (yes, loved him)
  • T/F Napoleon eventually became emperor, in control of all of France. (T)
  • In what country was Napoleon’s army finally defeated? (Russia)
  • Where was Napoleon exiled? (Island of Elba)
  • Who then took control of France? (Louis XVIII)
  • How did Napoleon regain control? (escaped the island with a small band of soldiers, then sailed to the south of France and march North, gaining supporters and troops as he went.  The king fled and he was once again ruler of France.)
  • T/F Napoleon was exiled a 2nd time.  (T)

Questions for grades 6 – 8:

  • What were some results of the French Revolution? (Leaders were overthrown, reduced power of Catholic church, introduced voting, abolished slavery in French colonies, resold lands belonging to wealthy)
  • Who became Napoleon’s wife? (Josephine)
  • What made Napoleon a good leader? (brilliant general, won loyalty of troops, made decisions quickly, worked side by side with low-ranking soldiers, won many battles)
  • Why did Napoleon lead his troops to Egypt? (block England’s trade route to India)
  • What important artifact did he find there? (Rosetta stone)
  • How did Napoleon become first consul? (voted in by people after seizing unstable French government)
  • How did Napoleon change the country for the better? (national bank, encouraged religious tolerance, expanded education, rewarded soldiers & private citizens)
  • Who crowned Napoleon emperor? (himself)
  • What was Napoleon’s special military tactic? (identify weak spot and attack there)
  • Why did Napoleon divorce Josephine? (no children)
  • Who was his 2nd wife? (Marie Louise, daughter of Austrian emperor)
  • What 2 countries remained outside of his control? (England & Russia)
  • How was most of Napoleon’s army killed? (tried to invade Russia – unprepared for cold winter, could not live off the land because the Russian people destroyed goods and food so that soldiers couldn’t get them)
  • After Napoleon escaped Elba, the island where he was exiled, he returned to France and once again took control.  Were the English and Prussians happy to see him regain power? (no)
  • What did they do? (Brought troops against the French army and defeated them; Napoleon was again exiled.)
  • How did Napoleon spend his time during his 2nd exile? (wrote memoirs )
  • How did Napoleon die? (of an illness)


All Grades:  Using these maps for help: And this blank map: create your own Map of Napoleon’s empire.

K – 3: Napoleon coloring page:

4 – 6: Complete one (Grade 4) or both (Grade 6) of these worksheets:

7 – 8: Do the following:

Copyright November 4th by Gwen Fredette





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