Faraday & Watt

Week 14: Faraday & Watt


Read K – 3:   This topic is a bit complicated for this age group.  I recommend skipping this lesson and moving on to “Week 15”.

 4 – 8:  Watch the following videos:


  • Why was Faraday famous? (invented the electric motor & electric generator)
  • T/F Faraday came from a wealthy family. (F)
  • T/F Faraday was considered well-educated. (F)
  • What country was Faraday from? (England)
  • How did Faraday educate himself? (read many books in the bookstore where he worked)
  • Who was Faraday eventually able to work for? (Humphry Davy, a famous scientist)
  • At that time scientists believed electricity flowed in a straight line and only on a wire.  What did Faraday believe? (That there was an electro-magnetic field around where electricity flowed.)
  • T/F Faraday had a strong faith in God. (T)
  • How did Humphry react to Faraday’s success? (wasn’t pleased, possibly jealous)
  • Why was Faraday’s invention so important? (generators eventually paved the way for power plants and electricity on a broad scale, motors eventually used to power many things including boats, automobiles, plains, machines, etc.)
  • Why was James Watt famous? (made huge improvements to the steam engine, which became the catalyst for the Industrial Revolution)
  • What was the Newcomen steam engine used for? (water pump for coal mines)
  • Why did the Newcomen steam engine need improvements? (broke often, inefficient)
  • Where was James Watt from? (Scotland)
  • How was James Watt able to finance his new improved steam engine? (wealthy Matthew Boulton became his business partner)
  • How were Watt’s steam engines used? (water pumps for mines, factory work, cotton mills, railroad transportation)
  • What unit of electrical power is named in his honor? (the watt)
  • Where did the Industrial Revolution begin? (Great Britain)


K – 3:  None!

4 – 5: Which inventor, Faraday or Watt, do you consider to be more important?  Why? Explain your answer.

6 – 8: Write an essay on one of the following:

  • Do you believe Faraday or Watt to be the more important inventor? (5 paragraph, 3 proof essay)
  • Discuss how these three events: work at a book-binder’s, tickets to see Humphrey Davy, Humphrey Davy’s injury from a science experiment, paved the way for Faraday to become a great scientist. What role do you believe Faraday’s faith played in his achievements and decisions?

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