Louis Braille

Week 16: Louis Braille


Read: K – 2:   A Picture Book of Louis Braille by David Adler

 3 – 5:  Louis Braille, The Boy Who Invented Books for the Blind by Margaret Davidson

6 – 8:  Who Was Louis Braille? By Margaret Frith


  •  How did Louis Braille become blind? (Injured eye with father’s sharp tool – it became infected and spread to his other eye)
  • Who became Braille’s first official teacher? (a priest)
  • Why did Louis go to Paris when he got older? (to study at National Institute for the Blind – also called Royal Institute for Blind Youth)
  • What was sonography or “night writing”? (writing created for French army to read at night)
  • Why did Louis create his own writing? (sonography was too difficult to use)
  • What made Louis a great teacher at the institute? (kind to children, taught them his own invention of reading & writing, fun, generous to students)
  • How did the other students at Louis school like his writing? (they loved it)
  • How did Louis die? (tuberculosis)
  • Did Louis became famous in his lifetime? (no, not until after he died)

Questions for Grades 6 – 8:

  • Where was Louis born? (France)
  • How were Louis’s parents able to afford his schooling in Paris? (Louis got a scholarship)
  • How were the other students at his school a blessing to Louis? (quickly made friends, never knew any blind children at home; got along well with them)
  • Besides academics, what did the children learn at the school? (a trade, learned to create mats, fabric , slippers, baskets, & fishing nets)
  • What instruments did Louis play? (cello, piano, organ)
  • How did the school’s new director, Mr. Pignier, help with health issues in the school? (took boys outside for fresh air, advocated for better building)
  • How was Louis’s system of Braille different from Barbier’s “night writing”? (Louis had a cell of 6 instead of nine and his dots represented letters instead of sounds)
  • In addition to letters what did Louis create with his Braille system? (numbers, punctuation marks, contractions, capital letters, musical notes)
  • When Dr. Pignier asked the French government to make Braille the official method for teaching the blind, what did the government say? (No)
  • Why was Defau a bad director for the institute? (cold, disagreeable, took away Latin, history, geometry, didn’t like Braille’s code and told the boys they couldn’t use it.)
  • What made Defau change his mind? (His assistant, Guadet, convinced him that it was the best system for the blind.)
  • When did Braille become the official system of reading & writing for the blind in France? (2 years after Louis died.)


K – 2:  Using this template: http://braillealphabet.org/braille-activities/braille-write-your-name.pdf and this Braille alphabet: http://braillebug.afb.org/braille_print.asp  or the one in your book, have children write their names in Braille.

3 – 4:  Using this template: http://braillealphabet.org/braille-activities/braille-write-your-name.pdf , this template: http://braillealphabet.org/cells/braille-cells-template.pdf  and this Braille alphabet: http://braillebug.afb.org/braille_print.asp  and this Braille number page: http://braillealphabet.org/pdf/numbers/1/braille_numbers.pdf have children write their names and addresses in Braille.

5 – 6: Do the following:

7 – 8:  Do the following:

Copyright January 13th, 2017 by Gwen Fredette



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