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Viking Gods

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Week 3: Viking Gods


Read K – 2: The Adventures of Thor the Thunder God by Lise Lunge-Larsen (pgs 1 – 34)

3 – 6: The Adventures of Thor the Thunder God by Lise Lunge-Larsen (entire book)

7 – 8: Odin’s Family: Myths of the Vikings by Neil Philip (entire book; be sure to also read afterward on page 119)



    • T/F The Vikings had many gods. (True)
    • T/F The Viking gods never sinned. (False)
    • Which god was the Viking’s favorite? (Thor)
    • Where does word “Thursday” come from? (Thor’s day)
    • What was Thor’s greatest weapon? (his hammer)
    • What could Thor’s hammer do in the sky? (make lightning & thunder)
    • What pulled Thor’s carriage? (two goats)
    • What were the jotuns? (giants)
    • Who was chief of the gods? (Odin)
    • What trickster caused many problems for Thor and his family? (Loki)
    • Why was Loki unusual? (he was a jotun (a giant) but he was small – the size of Odin & Thor; he was also smart and handsome)
    • T/F Thor had a bad temper. (true)
    • What did Loki do to Thor’s wife? (cut off her beautiful hair)
    • How did he get her new hair? (tricked dwarves into making her new hair of spun gold)
    • What was the best gift the gods ever received? (Thor’s hammer)
    • How did Loki avoid getting his head cut off? (said they couldn’t have his neck)
    • From the stories you’ve read about the Viking Gods, what things do you think were important to them as a people? (hammers for working, watching the sky, being clever, strong, tricky)
      Questions for Grades 3 – 8:
    • Describe the contest each of the Viking gods had with the giants and who they were really competing against.
    • Loki (eating contest, competing with wild fire)
    • Tjalvi (running contest, running against a thought)
    • Thor (drinking contest, drank part of the ocean)
    • Thor (lifting a cat, sea serpent that wraps itself around the earth)
    • Thor (old woman, fighting against old age)
    • How did Thor get his hammer back after it was stolen? (pretended to be Freya to marry the giant – dressed in a dress & bridal veil)
      Questions for Grades 7 & 8:
    • Where does the word “Wednesday” come from? (Woden, or Odin’s day)

Activities: K – 2: Thor coloring page:
3 – 6: Viking Mythology Worksheet.  Click here to get worksheet: Viking Mythology worksheet (doc) OR Viking Mythology worksheet (pdf)
7 – 8: Choose one of the following essay topics:

  1. Write an essay comparing and contrasting Loki to the devil.
  2. The Viking Age ended at about 1066 A.D.  At this time the Vikings became more and more a part of mainland Europe and many converted to Christianity.  Discuss the reasons why a Viking would want to leave his gods and embrace Christianity.
  3. How did Thor represent the ideal Viking man? Write a 5 paragraph, 3 proof essay.

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The Vikings

Week 2: The Vikings


Read K – 6:  The Scandinavian Vikings by Louise Park & Timothy Love

7 – 8:  The Real Vikings by Melvin Berger & Gilda Berger



  •  What countries were the Vikings originally from? (Denmark, Sweden, & Norway)
  • What lands did they conquer & colonize between 800 and 1066 AD? (Scotland, parts of England & Ireland, Iceland)
  • How did people become Viking slaves? (born into slavery or taken prisoner)
  • The Vikings were experts at building what? (ships – longboats)
  • Did most Vikings go out raiding? (no; farmed, hunted, fished, & craftsman)
  • Viking Aristocracy had elaborate burials; what were they buried with? (their ships, possessions, & animals)
  • Why did Vikings raid? (land, money, weapons, slaves)
  • Why do you think Vikings weren’t content with their current land? (much not suitable to farm, very cold)
  • What were prime targets for Viking raids? (monasteries)
  • T/F Vikings were skilled metal workers and had fine weapons and jewelry? (true)
  • T/F Vikings believed in many gods. (true)
  • Where did Vikings gods live? (Asgard)
  • Name 2 popular Viking gods? (Oden & Thor)
  • What famous Viking discovered America? (Leif Eriksson)
  • Name an important king in Viking history who encouraged trade and Christianity? (Canute)
  • What battle marked the decline of the Vikings? (battle of Hastings)
  • Name one reason why Vikings stopped raiding? (spread of Christianity)
  • Describe Viking homes? (longhouses, wooden, thatched roof, fire for cooking, similar to big halls)
  • What were Viking letters called? (Runes)
  • Describe how other European cultures felt about the Vikings? (afraid of them)
  • Where does the word “Thursday” come from? (Thor’s day)

Activities: K – 2: Create a Viking ship using this page:
3 – 4: Use this worksheet to write a sentence using Viking Runes:
5 – 6:

  1.  Create a map of Viking Homelands and Viking Conquered territories using this blank map: and this map for help:
  2. Then, create a sentence using Viking Runes from this sheet:

7 – 8:

  1. Create a map of Viking Homelands and Viking settlements using this blank map: and this map for help:
  2. Write your name using Viking Runes. You can use this worksheet for help:
  3. Then write a short essay describing the positive and negative characteristics of Viking people.

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