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The Odyssey (The Trojan Horse)

Week 5: The Odyssey (The Trojan Horse)


READ:  K – 4:  The Trojan Horse by Emily Little

5 – 6: Tales from the Odyssey (Book 1: The One-Eyed Giant) by Mary Pope Osborne

7 – 8:  Tales from the Odyssey (Book 1: The One-Eyed Giant, Book 2: The Land of the Dead, & Book 3: Sirens and Sea Monsters) by Mary Pope Osborne


NOTE:  The book, Black Ships Before Troy by Rosemary Sutcliff and illustrated by Alan Lee is a re-telling of The Iliad.  It has absolutely amazing illustrations!  However, the book is quite long.  Viewing/reading this book with a talented  7th or 8th grade artist might be a fun idea.  For an art project the student could try to draw one of the illustrations of Odysseus’s adventures.

I am not legally allowed to post an image of this book.  However, you can see a picture of the book cover by clicking on this website: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Black_Ships_Before_Troy_cover.jpg



  • Did the Trojans believe in the same gods as the Greeks? (yes)
  • Why did the Trojan War begin? (The Trojans captured King Manelaus’s wife (king of Sparta) because she was so beautiful; the Prince of Troy wanted to marry her.)
  • Why was Odysseus called to fight in the war? (strong brave leader, had sworn to defend her marriage)
  • How long did the war last? (10 years)
  • Which goddess did the Greeks believe helped them win the war? (Athena, goddess of wisdom)
  • How did the Greeks get in the city? (built the Trojan horse)
  • Describe the Trojan horse.  (Large wooden horse, big enough for soldiers to climb inside)
  • Why did the Trojans bring the horse into their city? (thought it was a gift for Athena)
  • Did the whole Greek army climb in the horse? (no)
  • Where did the rest of the army go? (pretended to leave in defeat; they sailed away)
  • Who was Simon and what did he tell the Trojans? (Greek  soldier; lied, said horse was gift for Athena)
  • How did the whole Greek army get into the city? (men hiding in the horse came out at night, let Greek army in the city)
  • How was the city destroyed? (fire)
  • Who wrote the story of Odysseus and the Trojan War? (Greek poet named Homer)


 K – 3: Build your own Trojan horse from construction paper and an empty tissue box (turned on its side).  If you like, you can use this link and print out this horse head to add to the top of your box by clicking HERE.

4 – 6: The city of Troy really existed.  Some people think parts of this story are true.  Write a paragraph describing what you think could be true in this story, OR write your own Greek adventure story.

7 – 8:  Write an essay describing the most exciting adventures of Odysseus, OR  write your own Greek adventure story.


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