Sacagawea (Sacajawea)

Week 7:  Sacagawea (Sacajawea)

READ K – 3: Sacajawea by Joyce Milton

 4 – 6: Sacagawea by Lise Erdrich

7 – 8:  Sacagawea by Judith St. George



  • What Indian tribe was Sacagawea from? (Shoshone)
  • What happened to her when she was little?  Why was she living with the Mandan? (kidnapped by a Hidatsa warrior and taken to live with them)
  • Who was Charbonneau? (French fur trader, became Sacajawea’s husband)
  • Why did Charbonneau & Sacajawea travel with Lewis & Clark? (to act as translators)
  • What was Sacajawea’s baby called by the Corps? (Pomp)
  • How did she carry him? (on a cradleboard on her back)
  • How did Sacajawea help the expedition? (saved boxes of supplies that had fallen in the river, dug up edible roots to eat, translated, helped them find their way across the territory, acted as a sign of “peace” by traveling as the only woman on an all-man expedition, Indian tribes did not want to attack when the saw a woman and her baby with the group.)
  • When Sacajawea returned to her old Shoshone tribe, who was Indian chief? (her brother)
  • Why did the corps need horses? (to get over Rocky Mountains)
  • Where did the corps travel to? (Pacific Ocean)
  • What was on the beach? (dead whale)
  • How did Clark feel about Pomp? (cared for him, offered to adopt him and send him to school.  Sacajawea said no, he was too young)
  • What happened to Sacajawea after the return trip? (Some say she died of a fever, others think she left Charbonneau and went back to the Shoshone and lived to be very old)

 Activities: K – 2: This is a coloring page of our golden dollar.  Whose picture is on it? Have fun coloring it in!

3 – 5:  It must have been hard for Sacajawea to leave her brother and the Shoshone tribe to continue on with the Corps to the Pacific Ocean.  Pretend you are Sacajawea.  What would you say to your brother when you were leaving?  What do you think he said to her in reply?  Write a dialogue.

6 – 8: Which member of the Corps of Discovery was the most important person to the group’s success? Why? (Lewis, Clark, Sacagawea, or York?)  Write a 5 paragraph 3 proof essay.


Copyright February 15th, 2014 by Gwen Fredette


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